Dearest readers and fellow bloggers,

As you know, I launched a horticultural website: www. some months ago. It's not possible for me now to run two web ventures at the same time so I've decided to shift my blog permanently to my website. Of course, I'm going to miss the charm of "Blogger" and its global family. I'm really grateful to you guys who realised me that I have the germs to spread horticultural knowledge so I should use these germs wisely. I really miss you guys and keenly expect you there on my new horticultural venture the "".

Keep on smiling and have a nice time.
 Hellow everybody, I 'm back to blogger for a long time with a poem of Hafiz "The rose is not fair", hope you will like it like my return to blogger. However my horticultural website "" is going quite successful even my busy life schedule. Please enjoy the "The Rose is not fair" and give your feedback.

THE rose is not fair without the beloved's face,
Nor merry the Spring without the sweet laughter of wine;
The path through the fields, and winds from a flower strewn place,
Without her bright check, which glows like a tulip fine,
Nor winds softly blowing, fields deep in corn, are fair.

And lips like to sugar, grace like a flower that sways,
Are nought without kisses many and dalliance sweet;
If thousands of voices sang not the rose's praise,
The joy of the cypress her opening bud to greet,
Nor dancing of boughs nor blossoming rose were fair.

Though limned by most skilful fingers, no pictures please
Unless the beloved's image is drawn therein;
The garden and flowers, and hair flowing loose on the breeze,
Unless to my Lady's side I may strive and win,
Nor garden, nor flowers, nor loose flying curls are fair.

Hast seen at a marriage-feast, when the mirth runs high,
The revellers scatter gold with a careless hand?
The gold of thy heart, oh Hafiz, despised doth lie,
Not worthy thy love to be cast by a drunken band
At the feet of her who is fairer than all that's fair.
Hi, hope you are fine and flying in the smiling air. I could not write for a long time again as I've been busy in another project. Yes a new project of launching my website on horticulture to give reality to a dream which I saw two years back when I sent an article to a national newspaper and luckily they didn't publish it. On that particular day I thought to work on my own horticultural platform for the people working in my field where they could share horticultural information freely. Then I got lost in life and could not work on this idea immediately. Though it kept on stronger in my mind with every day passing. During last days I stole some free time from my busy and adventurous life and worked on this project by all means possible.  Finally I’m humbly grateful to God that I'm successful to launch a “website:” on horticulture. I don’t know how good or bad it is, point to ponder is that I’ve taken the initiative to get ahead while following my dreams and I’m really happy for that. is an independent platform for the professionals, companies and organizations operating in the global horticulture sector where they can read, write, watch and share the horticultural information; can find and contact relevant company/organization to solve their problems; can offer and avail employment opportunities; and above all can promote their thoughts and businesses around the globe in multiple ways. It intends to provide as much information as possible and updates the masses vigilantly and consistently with latest happenings from global horticulture industry.

So please visit this global horticultural platform and see how it is effective fo you and your business, and how it can be made further. It’s not about me; it’s about horticulture and horticultural community (gardeners, farmers, retailers, landscapers, students, professionals, consultants, researchers, journalists, companies and organizations) from all over the world. No matter who you are, where you live and what you speak, your relation in any form with horticulture is sufficient to utilize this platform for the prosperity of horticulture ultimately benefiting the humanity in a real green sense.

Summing up the story, I warmly welcome you on and looking forward to see your energetic participation and feed back to run this platform successfully. Thanks and have a nice day.
It looks ridiculous, I'm going to post on Annual Chrysanthemum and Autumn Flower show 2009 at this particular time of the year when Chrysanthemum and autumn both have gone very far away. Many reasons behind that but I don't wanna go in this useless detail. Interesting part  of the story is that today is my birthday (5th of February) and I'm going to decorate my blog with the pure natural colors of this flower show. OK, now enjoy this colorful feast of  your imagination bursting with inspiration while celebrating my 29th birthday.


 This show was organised by the Floriculture and landscape department (Institute of Horticultural Sciences, University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan) in University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan on 14th to 16th of December 2009. The Institute of Horticultural Sciences is the premier and first of its kind in Pakistan with the vision to impart horticultural education and conduct problem oriented operational as well as basic research for the benefit of the farmers and horticultural development in the country. It is also engaged in capacity building for improving ornamental crop production and to provide on-job training for the Horticulturists. This show was a part and demonstration of regular activities being run by the institute. 

The main objectives of this show were: to impart awareness among general public about the importance of  flowers in human life, to introduce modern concepts about planting material and equipments available, to enable the participants collaborate with other organizations concerned with Floriculture and Landscape, to transfer latest and advanced technologies for growing Chrysanthemum, rose and other annual flowers to growers through practical demonstration, to share the advancements in post harvest management of  floricultural products and dissemination as well as demonstration of new technologies developed by various research organizations.

Inauguration and evaluation of the event:

The show was inaugurated by the University Vice chancellor Professor Dr. Iqrar Ahmed khan. He then visited the exhibits with some other honorable guests from USA and Pakistan. While members of evaluation committee evaluated the exhibits exhibited under different categories.




Professor Dr. M. Aslam Parvez (Chairman of IHS and Convener of management committee), Professor Dr. Rana M. Aslam Khan (Project Director IHS and member of organizing committee), Dr. Adnan Younis (member of  management committee) and Nadeem Anjum (member of  management committee) remained side by side with the honorable guests to brief them about the exhibits.








After the evaluation of exhibits by Evaluation committee,  the show was opened for the general public. Exhibits were exhibited under different categories like:

Potted plants of Chrysanthemum:

Most of the potted plants of Chrysanthemum have been shown in the above pictures.



Flower arrangement:

Fresh flower arrangement:

































Dry flower arrangement:












Cut flowers:




Special display:








Prize distribution ceremony:

In the afternoon of 16th December, prize distribution ceremony was organized in which prizes were distributed among different participants for their distinct performance in this memorable flower show. University Vice chancellor Professor Dr. Iqrar Ahmed khan was the chief guest of this ceremony.


Convener of management committee Dr. Atif Riaz remained on stage to help the prize awarding guests  for  prize distribution.





We are a peaceful nation:

At the end of this mega event, a peace procession was arranged  by the all university members (staff and students) and guests under the great leadership of honorable Vice chancellor in the night of 16th December. In this procession, candles were lit to demonstrate the need for peace and to acknowledge the sacrifices of whole Pakistani nation against terrorism.




We are a living nation:

Flower show is ended but I have shown the following pictures to give you  a glimpse on the potential, talent and passion of Pakistani youth. In these pictures, different participants are busy in the on-spot preparation of their exhibits. Result of their creativity and hard work you have seen above. By God, I'm really impressed, what about you!











So guys how was the show? Great na, I already knew it. OK, now is the time to put your thumbs up to appreciate all the participants, organizers especially the members of organizing committee and management committee and all the students and workers from Institute of Horticultural Sciences for organizing this event and then making it so successful and so colorful.

Hey, did you forget my birthday in the colors of that colorful show? I'll not let you do this. I  have worked  hard on this post to reproduce smiles on your beautiful faces on my birthday for keeping this day alive in your brains at least for some days. Just kidding.

I look forward to see your comments. Don't be shy, get bold  enough to put your typical, critical, smiling and generous comments on this post.